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Proposal tool for one of the leading Indian luxury products company!

KVP’s retail and distribution industry solution helps distributors and retailers to unify account planning and to enable a tool for the client's sales team to position their products effectively with the support of proposal management.


The client’s corporate sales team currently uses Salesforce to manage all sales transactions. The objective of this project is to enable a tool for the sales team to present various products of our client’s customers and to raise a quick quote on the same

This tool will work as a brochure generation tool and will help the sales team on the field collaborate, engage and quote smarter to a customer. The goal is to be proactive and improve customer success and thereby increase overall corporate sales


Challenges we are addressing

Lack of product visualization

Limitation in providing a clear visualization of available products to their potential customers, which impacted their customer retention

Complex documentation process

The sales team used to send complex brochures/proposals to the client. There were no personalized touchpoints


Customer benefit

Better visualization of the products

1. Users will be redirected to a custom lightning component where all products are listed with pricing

2. Product Listing - Quickly search for products by name, product code, serial number

Proposal management

1. Proposals and contracts can be generated in PDF format with better visualization


2. Proposal templates are fully customizable, ensuring that the proposals generated by the sales team meet our client's branding standards

Checkout and confirmation page

1. The product can be selected, quantity can be adjusted and products will be added to the cart page

2. Users will be able to view the order summary on this page

Customized email templates

1. Users will be able to attach the proposal PDF in email and will be able to send it to customers

2. Customized email templates for the sales team for better engagement with their target customers


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