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Resolve customer support cases faster — and from anywhere

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The manufacturing industry uses Salesforce to deliver personalized customer experiences across multiple channels. Salesforce helps internal teams to optimize and streamline processes across departments. Not only that, but it also helps leaders get easy access to critical data.

With our Salesforce expertise, our clients can work smarter, connect better with customers, sell more, and grow their businesses faster.

In a recent win, KVP has implemented Salesforce Sales and Service cloud with competitor tracking and a Case management module to benchmark our client against the whole industry to find new growth avenues. Also, we support our users to record, track and solve customer issues through sales, service, and support.

This blog post will focus on the key modules that were implemented for leading global providers of products and solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Competitor Tracking Module

  • To design, develop and launch a competitor tracking module in the Salesforce sales cloud to enable UPL to plan strategically and maximize its chances of success

  • Capture details about competitor companies, brand, and formulation along with product, price, and scheme details to Explore competitors, discover growth points, and build an unbeatable marketing strategy

Case Management

  • To design, develop and launch case management/incident management in Salesforce to enable the client’s team to provide customers with timely and structured support that would increase customer loyalty and the bottom line


Customer Challenges that we are addressing (Competitor Tracking Module)

  • Decentralized competitive intelligence - Information was being pushed out, but it was scattered all over the place. Users would have to sift through old emails, docs, and slides in an attempt to find the insights they needed. It made consuming information an arduous process that turned teams off

  • Lack of governance process - Most time spent interacting with competitive intel was scrambling to find information that could help sales simply defend themselves at the moment


Customer Benefits

Complied competitive intelligence

Capture details about competitor companies, brand, and formulation along with product, price, and scheme details to Explore competitors, discover growth points

Competitor reports and Dashboards

Support users to access real-time data and analysis of all kinds of scenarios, like sales pipeline, win-loss, and historical views.


Customer Challenges that we are addressing (Case Management Module)

  • Lack of standardized process leading to data quality issues and delays - With manual tools, the required information and data exist in silos. And this makes it incredibly difficult for case managers

  • Lack of approval workflow, scenario analysis, and automated reporting -Requirements may change based on how the organization handles its cases. Manual case management tools are not geared up to custom fit the ways the company operates


Customer Benefits

The standardized case management process

To support the sales teams to capture issues/feedback raised by customers/farmers and work towards providing an effective resolution

Quicker resolution of customer service issues

The automated case management system is the ability to cruise through cases much faster than would otherwise be possible


KVP's expertise in the manufacturing industry

KVP is a Salesforce Partner with proven expertise in manufacturing industries.

We can build a solution around your process, no matter how complex. Success in the manufacturing industry requires that business units stay connected to keep pace with worldwide supply and demand. Manufacturers face challenges with pipeline visibility, complex catalogs, and disjointed brand experiences. Together with Salesforce, we help new-age manufacturing companies outpace competitors. Our customer centricity and digital nativity empower us to provide manufacturers with services that help them surge ahead of the game.

We would love to talk about more use cases on manufacturing solutions. Book a free consultation and let's transform your business!


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