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Dealer relationship management system for one the leading food producer in India!

KVP’s manufacturing industry solution supports our clients to strengthen relationships with 600+ dealers with an intuitive dealer relationship management system which leads to frequent and planned engagements, contextual conversation with help of historic data, and support dealers to grow their business.

About our customer

Our customer is a leading player in the food manufacturing industry. With a global footprint and delivering a wide range of food products for the last 35+ years. Our client has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of authentic Indian spices and food products.

To design and implement an intuitive dealer relationship management system which will help our client's leadership team and relationship managers to strengthen relationships with 600+ dealers with frequent and planned engagements, contextual conversation with help of historic data.


Customer challenges

Manual approvals

Manual approvals which lack traceability and transparency. Which consumes times with their sales and service processes.

Low visibility in statistical report

With so much data available, it’s difficult to dig down and access the insights that are needed most. Manually combining data is time-consuming and can limit insights to what is easily viewed.

Lack of personalized customer experience

There was no personalized touch points for client’s customers. Trying to map every buyer persona in a single customer journey map makes it both complicated and misleading.


Customer benefit

Improving dealer relationship management

  1. Drive customers to lifelong loyalty with personalized engagement across the ownership lifecycle.

  2. Our dealer management solutions helps in optimizing the time and effort spent by dealers by effective task management and periodic reminders.

  3. Seamlessly transition customers from sales to service and aftermarket opportunities with automated campaigns.

Approval management

  1. An approval process is a combination of steps for a record to be approved and the person has to approve it each step. A step can apply to all the records to that object or just record that meets the certain criteria.

  2. Automated approval metrics to bring more accountability and transparency.

Market development activities

  1. A campaign is a outbound marketing project which is plan ,manage and track within the Salesforce.

  2. We have implemented campaign management to create campaigns, and track results along with planned activities and outcome metrics.

Customer lifetime value management

  1. CLV(Customer Lifetime Value) management to support our client in providing personalized service at all times

  2. As a marketing strategy, customer lifecycle management creates effective one-to-one customer journeys, promoting improved customer loyalty and better brand reputation, and tapping into the motivations that help turn leads into brand evangelists

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