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Streamlining Field Sales Operations at Darshan Incense with a Salesforce Application

Darshan Incense, a leading incense manufacturer, sought to enhance its field sales operations by addressing key challenges including inefficient order tracking, inaccurate forecasting, complex scheme management, and limited adaptability. This paper details the implementation of a customized Salesforce application designed to address these concerns and empower Darshan Incense with:

  • Real-time visibility into primary order and distributor supply chain for improved planning and decision-making.

  • Advanced forecasting using Einstein to optimize inventory and minimize stockouts.

  • Centralized scheme management for streamlined promotion execution and analysis.

  • Enhanced agility to adapt effectively to market changes and customer demands.

  • Optimized sales routes through integration with Sales Cloud for improved efficiency and reduced travel time.

Field Sales Operations Using Salesforce

Challenges and Solutions:

Darshan Incense faced difficulties in managing primary orders, forecasting demand, handling promotional schemes, and adapting to market dynamics. To address these challenges, the company implemented a custom-built field sales application on the Salesforce platform, leveraging:

  • Sales Cloud: To manage customer interactions, opportunities, and pipelines, providing a holistic view of the sales cycle.

  • Einstein: To utilize AI-powered insights for accurate demand forecasting and potential sales opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Order Tracking: Provides real-time order status, stock availability, and delivery schedule information for both primary orders and the distributor supply chain.

  • Forecasting: Utilizes historical data and Einstein analytics to generate accurate demand forecasts, optimizing inventory levels and minimizing stockouts.

  • Scheme Management Dashboard: Enables centralized configuration, monitoring, and analysis of promotional schemes.

  • Agility Tools: Facilitates dynamic pricing adjustments, flexible order management, and customizable reporting.

  • Sales Cloud Integration: Manages customer data, opportunities, and interactions within a single platform.

  • Route Optimization: Integrates with Sales Cloud to optimize travel routes for sales representatives, reducing travel time and increasing efficiency.


  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain real-time visibility into primary orders and the distributor supply chain, improving planning, inventory management, and decision-making.

  • Accurate Forecasting: Optimized inventory levels and minimized carrying costs through accurate demand predictions using Einstein.

  • Efficient Scheme Management: Streamlined promotion execution, enhanced transparency, and boosted sales growth.

  • Improved Agility: Enhanced ability to respond swiftly to market dynamics, customer preferences, and competitive pressures.

  • Increased Efficiency: Optimized sales routes through Sales Cloud integration reduce travel time and improve representative productivity.


The implementation of the customized Salesforce application, incorporating Sales Cloud and Einstein, successfully addressed Darshan Incense's challenges and positioned them for sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the incense market. The new system not only improved operational efficiency but also empowered them to gain real-time visibility throughout the supply chain, adapt effectively to the evolving market landscape, and optimize their sales efforts.


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