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Improved case resolution time by 50% using Salesforce Service Cloud

DTDC’s journey from a small local courier business into a multinational logistics company has been fuelled by ambition. Founded in Bangalore in 1990, the company has evolved rapidly through the establishment of global partnerships and more than 11,000 franchisees. It now operates India’s largest last-mile delivery network and delivers 12 million parcels each month.

The company has been unstoppable in its momentum and has announced a vision to become a 50 Billion INR business.

It’s embracing technologies like Salesforce to take the company to this next level and deliver increasing value to customers and franchisees.

“With Salesforce we have transformed customer service at scale to meet our growth challenges. Customers now engage on any channel they choose and get a rapid response. Customer experience is significantly improved and there’s greater trust in our service.” said Mrinal Chakraborthy who is Executive Vice President for Technology and Innovation at DTDC

Increasing growth and customer expectations sparks need for faster service

Service expectations have changed significantly since DTDC opened the doors of its first outlet. Customers want increased transparency and the ability to track parcels in real-time. They also want fast resolution when something goes wrong.

Delivering that optimal level of service in an efficient way required a new approach. DTDC had amassed a team of 600 service reps, but they were all managing individual cases through emails and spreadsheets. There was no way to track cases or measure the quality and timeliness of service.

“Our processes made service delivery overly complex for our reps and made it impossible for management to see what was happening from day to day,” said Chakraborty. “We needed to benchmark and measure performance, and give reps the tools to solve cases fast.”

DTDC’s service transformation began with a search for the right technology to empower its service reps. It assessed locally developed solutions before consulting with Gartner to find something more suited to the needs of an international business.

Salesforce came out on top. It offered a way to deliver more connected and intelligent support globally, as well as a platform on which DTDC could layer value added services.

All cases raised by customers or franchisees are now managed using Service Cloud. Customers can raise complaints and receive a ticket number via DTDC’s call centre or website. Franchisees can self-serve via their own dedicated portal. All stakeholders can raise service requests and track packages using DTDC’s Smart Track app which is integrated with Salesforce.

Consolidating service onto a single platform has also given DTDC the insights it needs to deliver smarter, proactive service. For the first time, it has been able to benchmark service information such as the number of cases received each month and the average time to resolution.

Chakraborty said that DTDC could now resolve the most urgent inquiries more quickly. “Customers no longer need to wait days for us to respond to an email. They can engage on any channel they choose and our new service level agreements guarantee a rapid response. Service reps are closing cases 50% faster, customer experience is significantly improved and there’s greater trust in our service.”

KVP Impact

More recently, DTDC has connected sales and service with the implementation of Sales Cloud. It provides both teams with a single customer view, giving greater context to service reps and informing sales of issues related to their accounts.

“We are now six months into our deployment of Sales Cloud and it has already accelerated the productivity of our sales team and helped to align sales and service,” said Chakraborty. “We are working as one to achieve our vision and Salesforce is a significant player in that.”


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