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Want to deliver speedy and efficient on-site service? Discover Field Sale Services from Salesforce

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

When it comes to choosing a field service provider to do repairs, maintenance, or installation, customers have choices. The customer experience starts at the first contact — phone, email, chat, web, or other channels — and continues beyond the completion of the job.

According to Salesforce Snapshot Research, customers list expertise, speed, empathy, flexibility, communication, preparedness, and proactivity as the most critical customer service and support qualities. Field service providers who exhibit these qualities throughout the customer journey are more likely to build long-term relationships with customers.

To create memorable customer experiences, field service providers need to prepare before the day of service, execute efficiently on the day of service, and continue to engage with customers following service to build relationships, optimize operations, and drive growth. Along with best practices, the right field service management solution helps.

Before diving into the best practices, let us first understand what is Field Sales Service.

  • Coordination of field activities, such as organizing service appointments, monitoring product inventory, tracking appointment status, etc., is the core function of field service management. Without an automated system, managing the firm would be practically impossible with the addition of clients and contractors


Field Services to Increase Customer Engagement

Every time a customer connects with a company, they always anticipate some level of control, ease, and flexibility. Salesforce Field Service Lightning has greatly simplified field service and given businesses a plan for increasing customer engagement. You can create a proactive customer interaction model by using the connected FSL in Salesforce in the methods we've mentioned below.

1. Using Field Services to Engage Customers

  • Every time a client interacts with a business, they expect some degree of control, simplicity, and flexibility. Therefore, a business must strategically organize its field service to offer customers the best in class services. Salesforce Field Service Lightning has made field service simpler and provided organizations with a strategy for boosting customer engagement. The strategies we have listed here can be used to construct a proactive customer engagement model using the linked FSL in Salesforce.

2. Self-service Gives Control to Users

  • Customers demand the same level of care, comfort, and adaptability in the workplace as they do as consumers. Businesses can deliver a better customer experience by using self-service tools to generate or edit requests and open the lines of contact between channels.

  • You can also use chatbots. Customers expect an immediate response to their inquiries. Chatbots on your website or customer portal can deal with common questions like how to book an appointment or check the status of a service request in order to provide clients with a consistent experience.

3. Automated Service Status Update

  • Nothing infuriates customers more than having to call and ask where a field service worker is or why they haven't arrived yet. You can curb this issue by automatically notifying clients by mail, SMS, or the customer portal. Customers are alerted when a field service worker is nearby or if there are any delays. This improves customer satisfaction and reduces the number of calls to the dispatchers' service center.

4. Keep Your Clients Engaged

  • Utilize real-time data to evaluate the condition of the asset and determine whether an update or preventative maintenance is necessary or not. Timely automated alerts with updates and appointment reminders are sent to customers through email, SMS, or the customer portal using this data. Even when there is no emergency, you can still keep the customers well-informed, cut costs, and maintain engagement.


Final thoughts

“71% of customers expect companies to communicate with them in real-time” . To please the consumers and meet all their requirements, you should always be willing to go above and beyond. Finding strategies to improve customer interaction is very important as customers can either make or break your business. You can follow the above-given methods along with using apps like the Salesforce Field Service Mobile App to improve your field service in all the ways that will keep your customers happy and loyal to you.

You can contact our Field Sales Service expertise to know more solutions and use cases on FSL. Book your free consultation call with us to enhance the customer experience in Field Service.


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