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31% increase in customer engagement with Marketing Cloud

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

To sustain in today’s era of cut-throat competition, businesses should ensure consistent sales growth. Managing your sales pipeline efficiently is a great way of increasing your customer base and generating greater profits. A specialized tool, Marketing Cloud, helps manage marketing processes and promote your company products through various channels. Which directly impacts improving your Sales Pipeline.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool offered an array of features that help marketers to drive highly personalized customer journeys across multiple touchpoints such as web, mobile, social, etc. from a unified platform. This improves customer engagement, as well as retention.

Here are our biggest tips for creating easy-to-maintain pipelines that help boost your team’s productivity.


Level up your Sales Pipeline with below mentioned Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions

1. Analyse the performance of the business by tracking them

  • Always keeping up with the previous performance will boost the functionality of the business

  • It will help the business acquire better strategies and implement logic to enhance performance soon

  • With, the help of the analytics builder element present in the marketing cloud of Salesforce will give you access to analyze and track the certified performance of all the related actions done within the marketing campaigns

  • You will be able to know the number of visits to your website done by the targeted audience. You will be able to access the functionality and potential of a mail marketing

2. Generate a customized experience

  • A customized experience for the customers will help you in gaining healthy potential in your business strategies

  • With the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services, you can easily get the assistance of automation tools in the marketing cloud

  • The operative quality will gain strength by segmenting them appropriately. An individual customer journey will enlighten your goals with certified results per the demands

3. Influencing management of the data

  • The stored data involves a lot of information about the targeted audience, so it has to be easily imported, read, and accessed further. This is possible with the efficient models present within the marketing cloud of Salesforce

  • Generation of the relational database utilizing several models gives access to the brands in importing and exporting with efficient data

4. AI will facilitate better performance with authentic predictions

  • The AI of the Salesforce known as ‘Einstein’ allows the business handles to know the precise time

  • The facilities of the AI will make you aware of the specific demands of the customers from your service

  • It also accelerates engagement scoring, which will predict the interaction within the promotional ads and emails of your business. You can acquire the frequency to know how many emails must be sent to the customers. Implementation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions, you can easily surge engagement among the audience

Final thoughts

As a robust sales enhancement and automation tool,utilizing the specific Marketing Cloud for the marketing strategies will boost the performance of the company and will be able to draw the attention of the potential audience throughout the globe.

KVP has some of the finest Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants to lend you a hand in boosting traffic with Salesforce Consulting Services. To make the most of this innovative platform contact our Salesforce-certified expertise to level up your Sales pipeline management.


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