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Scale patient-centric experiences across your organization

Built on the Salesforce platform, Health Cloud combines CRM features and industry best practices into one platform where organizations have a centralized system for their operations and management—whether you’re a healthcare or a life sciences organization. It provides a complete view of patients on a unified platform, enabling organizations to evolve from a medical record-focused approach to a patient-centric approach.

In addition, Health Cloud allows a large amount of information about patients to be used to compose statistics and new targeted actions. In a case of a pandemic, like the one we experienced, the Health Cloud can help provide the benefit of grouping all relevant patient information, from multiple health systems, on the same screen. You can have a look at the statistical data points from post-implementation of Salesforce Healtcloud.


We’ve broken down some of the foundational benefits of Health Cloud by sub-vertical.

1. Health Cloud benefits for Biotech/Pharma companies

  • By creating a centralized system that can collect HCP script information, patient opt-ins, patient information, and track fulfillment, biotech, and pharma companies can keep operational costs down and deliver better results for patients.

  • Health Cloud makes it easy to collect information directly from patients or their HCP regarding script approval, prior authorizations, adverse events, or product complaint information, which can be analyzed easily for reporting purposes.

2. Health Cloud benefits for medical devices companies

  • Engage and empower sales and account teams with the centralized data, task automation, and immediate insights they need on any device. Integrate sales forecasts into agreements, and revenue with real-time analysis and insights.

  • Increase positive experience and outcomes for patients through optimized, personalized patient programs.

3. Health Cloud benefits for payers

  • Member care management programs at scale through smart utilization management, proactive risk identification, and real-time integration with legacy systems and EHRs to get a 360-degree view of members.

  • Personalized member services. With a complete picture of members, agents can deliver more personalized interactions and proactive support through intelligent recommendations.


What does Salesforce Health Cloud's future look like?

  • Patient Care Coordination enabled by Slack will allow care teams and healthcare organizations to access apps that help improve patient case management and outcomes.

  • Health Cloud 2.0, businesses can easily bring their employees and customers together by delivering healthcare services including COVID-19 testing, vaccination status, contact tracing, and so on. It helps businesses to segue into the new normal where a hybrid work approach is being tested out.

  • Patient Unified Health Scoring is integrated with the Patient Data Platform*, which helps customers connect all of their end customer data in a single place while also meeting their HIPAA-compliant responsibilities.

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