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Take your revenue to new heights with CPQ (configure, price, quote)

In today’s agile world, customers increasingly expect firms to produce customized versions of items on demand and transport them to/from anywhere in the globe. To be competitive in the marketplace, businesses must be flexible, swiftly bringing new items to market, responding to changing demand, and offering high-quality products at a fair price.

According to a Salesforce report, 74 percent of customers will discontinue doing business with a company after just one bad experience. This is a massive number. In today’s competitive business environment, manufacturing industries face common challenges that have the potential of limiting sales potential. Many of these challenges have their origin in a disconnection between ERP system and their sales team.

Let’s look at how Salesforce CPQ resolves the disconnection issue and help in increasing sales!

  • A CPQ solution will give your firm a comprehensive perspective of your sales team’s actions, providing in-depth data about each quote made

  • This data can be used to enhance pricing and other business procedures over time to serve clients better and help in closing more deals

  • New leads and self-service pricing quotes are simple to register for sales partners

  • Can create a PDF from an approved template and deliver it directly to customers by automatically populating a quote with relevant customer data from the CRM

  • Depending on the complexity of the product and the possibilities for technical engagement, quoting processes can be reduced to 20-30% of an earlier time

  • Probably the best feature of Salesforce CPQ is guided selling to support the sales team to close the deal more faster


KVP's expertise in Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ gives your sales team easy to use software, available on any device due to it's cloud based platform. We are going to highlight two key project that we have implemented for our clients in manufacturing industry.

  1. Project 1 - KVP signs a Salesforce CPQ implementation contract with a leading logistics platform company. Our project objective was to implement Salesforce CPQ to empower sales reps to configure complex deals with ease to help close deals faster with guided selling process to improve win rate.

  2. Project 2- KVP signs a Salesforce CPQ implementation service contract with a leading manufacturing firm for their consumer divisions to enhance customer service experience and quotation process.


What the future looks Like for Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)!

CPQ is the catalyst of sales growth many companies need to excel at, as every aspect of customer relationships is becoming more complex, faster, and more context-driven than ever before.

  • The future of CPQ will be marked with greater descriptive, predictive, collaborative, and cognitive insights than ever before

  • A single source of truth to assess the health of your business. With CPQ + Billing, businesses can see all their data in one place at one time. From lead generation to final payment, the future of CPQ is turnkey

  • CPQ solutions powered by AI will make the mechanics of complex sales move more smoothly and efficiently


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