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Fill your sales funnel with high-quality leads using trusted, powerful marketing tools -Pardot!

Getting new clients and retaining old ones take up a lot of time and resources. A growing business can also quickly lose track of its existing clients or leads. Slacking off in nurturing clients can lead to the death of any business. The solution? Marketing automation software.

There are lots of them out there but one powerful tool dominating the market today is Salesforce Pardot!

At its core, Pardot is a lead generation and nurturing system. A Salesforce product (it’s part of the Marketing Cloud), Pardot enables organizations to track and measure the effectiveness of their communications, gain insight into user behavior, and personalize content across campaigns based on any number of specific criteria.


Pardot new updated features and enhancement

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant changes that took place in the Spring '22 release!

Pardot lightning landing pages – Updates

Putting the power to quickly create beautiful landing pages directly in the hands of Pardot Marketing users, without relying on developers and code, the Lightning Page Builder is a game changer. Ultimately, the more we can enable Pardot users to self-serve when it comes to creating marketing assets, the better and more efficiently we are able to roll out marketing activity.

Use lightning emails in automation rules and completion actions

When you activate emails for automation from the drag-and-drop editor in Lightning Experience, you can now use them in automation rules and completion actions. Previously, they were available for Engagement Studio programs only. This is going to be a huge time-saver for marketers, getting rid of managing templates in both the Lightning email builder and legacy builder!

Customize Pardot form styles in the enhanced landing page builder

Users can now apply colors, fonts, margins, and more to a Pardot form inside the enhanced landing page builder. After you drag in a Pardot Form component, click the Style tab to access a variety of styling options.

Einstein engagement frequency

Instead of relying on dynamic lists that capture prospects who have been sent ‘x’ number of emails in the last 1 week or 1 month, Salesforce is now coming up with inbuilt AI-powered model for this feature. As soon as the model has enough data for training, it will get activated and show the frequency category on prospect record. Once the frequency category starts appearing, users can use the new default field ‘Einstein Engagement Frequency’ in dynamic list rules as well as Engagement Studio rules.


What the future looks Like for Pardot

  • Extensible Orchestration: Extensible and Orchestration come together in a Pardot/Marketing Cloud context to improve how marketers coordinate the elements (data sources, content, workflows), of their situation (teams, channels) to produce the desired effect (single profile of an individual, actionable engagement data) – and be able to add elements without disrupting their situation

  • CDP for Pardot: Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) allows marketing organizations to have a single and complete source of truth around their customer data

  • Style Kits: With the Lightning email and landing page builders growing in functionality (and user adoption), the next logical step would be to build out themes and branding capabilities. Like a typical marketing style kit, marketers will hope to group together style elements in order to keep branding consistent – regardless of who builds the email/landing page


KVP's expertise in Pardot

Discover the full suite of B2B marketing automation tools to create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales teams to close more deals. KVP has successfully implemented various Pardot project for different business scenario.

  • Drip email and Multi phased engagement programs

  • Leads scoring and grading

  • Configure language specific dynamic content (we have already worked in Thai-Vietnamese, French, Dutch and German languages)

Stay tuned for more interesting facts in this series and reach out to the Pardot experts at KVP to further discuss on various solutions for your business.


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