Top Salesforce CRM trends in 2022!

Updated: May 20

Every year, the emergence of the trends is the result of the growing user needs. In this article, we will expand a little more on the new CRM trends for the year 2022 and beyond. The reason to keep track of the latest Salesforce trends in 2022 becomes essential because this CRM platform evolves at a fast pace, and with every evolution, it brings something new.


AI (Artificial Intelligence) As a Key Part of CRM Systems

AI’s role in the CRM world will only get bigger in 2022, and some of the benefits that are expected to come with the growth of AI in CRM are numerous, but the most important to look after are the following:

  1. Enhanced capabilities of chatbots to enable them to handle more complex queries, driving sales and maximizing out-of-hours sales.

  2. Making field service more efficient by specifying criteria that would automatically assign the best representative to fix a customer’s problem.

  3. Using predictive analytics to forecast sales, rank prospects, and predict customer questions or future buying trends by getting unexpectedly valuable data on how customers buy.

Voice and Conversational User Interface

Voice technology is becoming an essential part of a company’s CRM strategy and with the automation of conversational tools such as voice assistants and chatbots, sales reps are finding it easier to understand more deeply what a customer is asking.

Few benefits these conversational tools will bring are as follows:

  1. It enables users to talk to the software, creating transcripts or recordings that would help your team understand how your customer speaks, and tone of voice, and be aware of emotions behind specific words, so they can get better data about what your customers really want.

  2. Make better predictions based on captured data and more meaningful insights.

  3. Customers can process transactions by telephone using their ‘voiceprint’ instead of passwords.

Social Media Integrated with CRM

The power of social media has grown over the last decade, so much so that it now has more than 3 billion active users connecting and engaging daily. By integrating social media channels with CRM platforms, we can expect some benefits like:

  1. Get a more rounded profile of your audience.

  2. Getting feedback for products and services instantaneously.

  3. Allowing users to communicate from anywhere with a brand.

  4. Supporting businesses in gaining more traction for published relevant content.

  5. Empowering the customer support team to provide a better customer experience.


The closing note on CRM trends in 2022

Overall, these new CRM trends coming ahead will not only increase the adoption of CRM technology across enterprises but would also help businesses get a more valuable, more profound, and fresh insight into what the customer really wants, which will enable customer support and sales teams to create tailor-made experiences and get more customer engagement and retention.

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