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Supporting AIF in their vision of enriching child education in India

The American India Foundation (AIF, founded 2001) is a non-profit organization that is devoted to accelerating social and economic change in India. AIF awards grants to education, livelihood, and public health projects in India – with emphases on elementary education, women’s empowerment, and HIV/AIDS, respectively.


Learning and Migration Program (LAMP) is one of AIF’s key initiatives supporting over 250,000 children in migration prone areas of India. AIF needs to gather student and school data from various villages of India to support this initiate effectively. The lack of common communication platform to centralise all the children and statistics on all government school data was a real problem.


  • AIF core focus is to convince the parents who are migrating to cities to leave their children in hostels and AIF takes care of education and livelihood of those kids.

  • Project need was to set-up a system to manage the entire process of student on-boarding, school intervention and also manage students scores and monitor their growth

  • The project focus was to analyse the needs and requirements of migrating parents of young children

  • Re-engineering certain critical processes, KVP proposed cloud application to centralise and analyse the data on the children who were part of this programme their school performances, investment details, program health and also quantify key benefits from LAMP

  • KVP support AIF as a part of CSR activity


  • AIF can monitor coverage of children and work on retention of children in school, analyse children’s and schools’ performance and achieve better results

  • Using, AIF is also able to communicate with all stakeholders (including parents and inventors)


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