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Salesforce Vlocity: Creating the future for focused industries

Salesforce Vlocity is the trending technology on the Salesforce platform, the leading provider of industry-specific solutions and various software. It transforms the overall customer experience (CX) by standing out as the global pioneer in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM). Vlocity also helps in acquiring a better understanding of CMT, health, and insurance domains.

Salesforce Vlocity also contains much more to offer, such as Omnichannel processes with lightning Web, Integration procedures, Vlocity Actions, Data Migration, Tracking services, etc.

Vlocity takes these common requirements and packages them into “cloud” solutions that can be deployed to individual organizations. Its numerous pre-built solutions have a wide range of offerings. Vlocity (Salesforce Industries) offers pre-built solutions on the Salesforce platform that solve the needs of particular industries that require CRMs to be heavily customized beyond Salesforce in its out-of-the-box state.

For example, two widely-adopted “clouds” are:

  • Media and Communications Clouds: Organizations get all the required tools and applications to launch subscription services, and manage orders, quotes, and contracts in an agile way.

  • Financial Services Cloud Supports banking, wealth management, and insurance markets by providing a unified platform with a single customer view of their policies, financial records, and claims.


What does Salesforce Vlocity offer?

Let’s dive into some benefits that Vlocity offers to the various focused industries.

1. Vlocity for the Healthcare industry:

  • Vlocity Health is an enterprise front and middle office cloud solution designed for Individual (ACA), Small Group, Large Group, Medicare, and Medicaid business lines

  • Vlocity Health extends the capabilities of the Salesforce platform to transform core operations and customer engagement—including modern experiences for product configuration,

2. Vlocity for the Communications industry:

  • Vlocity Communications effortlessly collaborate with Salesforce Service Cloud to design a solution to garner personalized and uninterrupted experience for customers throughout their channels

  • Enhances Retail Customer Experience: It offers and enhances the experience of customers by focusing on personalized solutions.

2. Vlocity for the Media and Entertainment industry:

  • Vlocity caters to a diverse set of needs of the media and entertainment sector with pre-built solutions that enable existing and new subscribers with recommendations for various products, customized offers, payments, etc.

  • GoMedia Ad Sales: For optimizing cash flow and revenue from the ad inventory. It automates Omni channel ad sales, pricing, and execution

3. Vlocity for the Insurance industry:

  • Vlocity brings the entire policy lifecycle into a simpler format. From quoting and policy administration to managing service and claims, it has everything on a single platform.

  • Vlocity Process presents numerous pre-configured transactions, which can be easily downloaded and used in the app. There are customizable applications, which are also offered by Vlocity Insurance


To sum up, Vlocity made a breakthrough, providing companies with an architectural foundation fit for specific industries. Its acquisition by Salesforce marked the company’s shift to industry-specific solutions that are easier to customize, and faster to be onboarded by users. The existing Salesforce Industry clouds provide companies with a flexible data model and a stable instance with reusable solutions inside for a faster digital transformation journey.

The rising popularity of Vlocity in the Salesforce ecosystem resulted in high demand for Salesforce Vlocity Developers, making them one of the most sought-after Salesforce resources.


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