Salesforce Spring release (2022) updates for Sales Cloud!

Updated: Mar 11



With each new release, Salesforce is adding tons of new functionalities to Sales Cloud, which makes you more productive and helps you to provide a better customer experience.

We have come up with 4 new updated features for Sales Cloud. In this release series, you will find lots of new features, as well as, new enhancements related to the Sales cloud.

A quick summary of what we are going to cover in this blog.

  • Revenue Intelligence to generate more revenue with performance dashboards, analytics, and intuitive pipeline visualizations

  • Pipeline Inspection adds insights about deal progress and engagement

  • Start selling faster with included sales cadences with high-Velocity Sale features

  • Plan territories with help from overlays using choropleth maps and other boundaries in Salesforce Maps


Revenue Intelligence

  • Revenue Intelligence is a seriously powerful add-on for Salesforce. With Revenue Intelligence, sales teams can achieve sales targets, grow pipelines, and ensure forecast accuracy like never before. With Revenue Intelligence, you also get Einstein forecasting, Einstein activity capture, and more


  • AI-driven approach - Revenue Intelligence is an AI-driven process that captures, gathers, synchronizes, and manages data across all customer-facing platforms and teams simultaneously

  • Data automation - Revenue Intelligence make it possible to automatically unite all data from across teams, departments, and customers into a single “source of truth” within your CRM


Pipeline Inspection

  • The Pipeline Inspection views also now have expanded the filters to allow for filtering by territory, territory team, and opportunity team. Extremely handy for managers. Insights related to activities help sales teams know what’s been done and what’s up next. And aggregate activity counts help sales managers understand the deal activity


  • Unified view for a sales rep - This fantastic feature provides a unified view of the key metrics, opportunities, and weekly changes in close dates, amounts, stages to effortlessly pinpoint areas that need improvement or immediate action

  • Enhance activity and engagement process - Users can now get activity and engagement details within the pipeline inspection views


High-Velocity Sales

  • And speaking of High-Velocity Sales (HVS), we’ve got enhancements here too. HVS now includes pre-built sales cadences that are available as soon as you activate the product. Finally, users can now see a history of cadences a prospect has gone through. The history shows a quick summary of what the cadence was (with the ability to click into it), why it was completed, the final disposition, and the last completed sales step


  • Access to the historical data set - Users can see a history of cadences a prospect has gone through

  • Track engagements for multi-recipient emails - To gain more insight into target engagement with the emails that your reps send, engagement data now include replies, soft and hard bounces, and out-of-office replies for each email recipient


Salesforce Map

  • The new release improves Salesforce maps territory planning. Added capabilities include live layers, borders, and overlay metrics. Maps now support native mobile phone features like the location as well. For example, let’s say a territory sales manager is out making visits to potential customers. The map can still include pins of where the visits will occur, but also indicate the real-time location of the salesperson. For users who previously saw limited value in maps, the new updates make it worth revisiting


  • Salesforce Maps territory planning - Color-code geographical characteristics in alignment, borders with choropleth maps, and base new territories on other alignments’ boundaries

  • Salesforce Maps advance - Update and regenerate routes to accommodate changes to your reps’ schedules without logging in to Salesforce maps advanced

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