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Salesforce Einstein & CRM Analytics to boosts your bottom line

Updated: Apr 16

Salesforce Einstein

“Solving strategic problems is more important than handling operational tasks when it comes to achieving critical targets in sales”

According to the most recent Salesforce State of Sales report, high-performing sales teams are 2.4x more likely than underperforming teams to use AI-based Tools for their Sales processes, such as to lead prioritization and opportunities.

KVP’s Einstein solution provides users with sophisticated capabilities that enable businesses to obtain customer insights, forecast outcomes, identify appropriate actions to take, and automate repetitive operations, allowing them to focus more on the customer.

In this post, we’ll explore some specific Einstein projects implemented by KVP for different business scenarios. Let's dive deeper into the topic and find out how businesses can benefit from it.

Einstein Use Case #1 - Churn Prediction Insights

Get more predictive about your business and customers. Machine learning uses past data to predict what will happen in the future with minimal programming. With predictive analytics, businesses can take their knowledge of their customers to the next level and anticipate wants and needs

Project insights

  1. Aligning insights and discovery to predict future churn possibility

  2. Earmarking reasons/attributes for lower customer retentivity

  3. Insights for maximizing customer retentivity - high influence factors

  4. Displaying discovered influence factors on customer records/account management module for next best actions

  5. Business Growth parameterization through GLM algorithm, predicting deviations from norms

Einstein Use Case #2 - Dynamic Deal Price Optimization

Einstein's deal insights predict when opportunities scheduled to close this month are unlikely to be won during the same month.

Project insights

  1. Understanding ask price, median price, budget, and cost correlations along with optimum margin for binary trees with historical data

  2. Insights and discovery stories on each sales order to evaluate markers, top prediction parameters, and showcasing the same on record levels along with deviations/gap analysis

  3. Segmented decision trees based on the sales order and product variables

  4. To improve sales productivity and focused interaction with clients using data analytics

Einstein Use Case #3 - Delinquency Prediction

It uses predictive and prescriptive analysis to predict future outcomes, as well as suggests ways in which you can improve predicted outcomes. In order to predict the likelihood of a customer experiencing an incident so that you can deliver proactive service to your customer.

Project insights

  1. Integrated with core banking application and payment system

  2. Creating a delinquency checkpoint in Einstein through the GLM algorithm to predict customer defaults

  3. Correlating historical data and repayment behavior and changes in customer sentiment

  4. Suggesting insights and highlighting prime causes of delinquency

  5. Stories to minimize delinquency and better repayment behavior with preemptive actions/engagements


Salesforce Einstein can give you the edge you need to be more competitive than ever. By getting started with Einstein, you’ll have access to smarter insights that make it easier to predict your customers, allowing you to pivot your offerings and stand out in your industry. For more information on Salesforce Einstein book a free slot with our Einstein experts.


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