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Outsourcing to India: The Future Remains Bright

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

With changing global dynamics and evolving business needs, it is necessary for companies to focus on their core competencies. Outsourcing can help with this as it increases efficiency, allows for more specialization in a specific area, and helps maintain competitive advantage. Many enterprises and startups believe India is a prime spot for software outsourcing. Apple, for example, has relocated its headquarters to India.

In this article, we have mentioned the five reasons why India is the leading country for software development outsourcing.

But before that, let us understand this scenario - Why are Companies Outsourcing to India?

  • Currently, India has become the hot spot for offshore software development. India's IT industry is world-renowned for its cost competitiveness and high-quality software services.

  • India's IT industry is seeking to grow from its current $100 billion to $400 billion by 2025, and still maintains the world's largest software developer community and has the fastest-expanding concentration of software developers.

Now without wasting time, let’s take a deep dive into the listed reason why India is now being recognized as a powerhouse for software development!


1. Get access to the diverse talent pool

India’s large talent pool has been important in making it the world’s leading outsourcing location for custom software development, India provides a wide range of diverse specializations, and individuals are constantly learning new and improved skills in order to provide high-quality software solutions.

2. Eliminate communication barrier

India has nearly 145 million English-speaking inhabitants, putting it behind only the United States in English-speaking population. Because of this, outsourcing to India allows you to work with IT professionals who are fluent in English.

3. Cost-efficient

Today, the cost of running a business and retaining workers is rising sharply. In India, outsourcing application development can help you save a lot of money on the design and development of a professional application.

4. Get round-the-clock service

Indian developers address the issue of time zone differences by providing round-the-clock service. Because India has sufficient employees, infrastructure, and resources to carry out web and app development in rotational shifts and provide 24/7 service, round-the-clock development can enhance productivity and ensure on-time delivery.

5. Trending technology and cutting-edge IT infrastructure

The IT industry in India has seen a lot of interest from domestic and foreign investors because of the country's large pool of engineering resources, a knack for IT, and software development successes. High-quality software development and web development services is outsourced to India because of the country's world-class infrastructure and technology.


Final thoughts

India has become the world's leading hub for software outsourcing because of its large and talented workforce, low prices, and strong corporate standards.

However, you must be careful when selecting an offshore firm. You want the cost-benefit, of course, but you also want a firm that has sufficient experience working with global clients—as well as—using the latest technology and designs.

Why choose KVP as your outsourcing partner?

  • KVP can provide the latest technology to bring speed, performance, scalability, and optimization.

  • KVP can provide cost-efficiency with tailor-made solutions according to your business need

  • Expert team of developers and project managers.

  • On-time delivery of the project

  • Certified Salesforce expertise

  • Round-the-clock tech support


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