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The need for Salesforce Pardot in tackling B2B Marketing complexities

B2B enterprises often need to improve client experience (CX) through spot-on communication & engagement programs to improve income, gainfulness and development are confronted with an unavoidable reality. B2B client life cycles are typically longer and drastically more complex than most B2C ones.

There are commonly many-to-numerous purposes of contact inside every customer organization – users, influencers and decision-makers. Every one of these people has an alternate degree of impact at an alternate phase of the business cycle.

Thus B2B marketing is not just about concentrating on a single procedure and making little steady enhancements. It's all about your account master plan on how you plan to engage your customers at present and even in the future. Understand what the client needs to accomplish and help them to arrive at their end-goals, at the same time build that incredible customer experience that separates you from your competition.

Why Pardot is important for B2B marketing?

Pardot helps B2B marketers to address effectively their three main challenges:

● bringing in new business

● improving lead quality

● generating leads

Pardot provides a full solution that helps B2B marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

What capabilities does Pardot empower B2B marketers with?

Pardot is definitely a B2B marketing-centric tool that empowers marketers to manage their activities smartly and ruthlessly track and monitor the success of their efforts.

Deliver personalized content to your target audience

With Pardot, not only would you be able to follow up on any prospect’s action, but also you could send customized messages to warm up to your cold leads. Along these lines, you could trigger messages, based on the last action taken by your prospect.

For instance,

● if a prospect just clicked on your desired Call-to-action (CTA) button, send them a welcome email

● If your prospect has been enrolled in your customer loyalty program, automate the sending-out of greetings/wishes on this special occasion.

These gestures often go that extra mile in enhancing your relationship with your prospects

Track Prospects

Like we have referenced previously, Pardot can track a prospect’s activity. Hence, it can easily highlight to you, once the lead is leaving the desired activity in between, for example - arriving at a landing page without subsequent conversion.

In such cases, one of Pardot's automation rules can help in tracking these prospects through a separate list - this could be simply achieved through tagging those prospects who have “clicked” our desired page (specific URL) but aren’t taking any further action. This list would then become the primary target of our subsequent re-marketing and nurturing activities.

Allocation of your Sales Rep for Each Prospect

Perhaps the best component of Pardot is that it unites your sales and marketing teams on a single platform. Pardot's sales rep assigning automation rule makes it easy to assign sales reps to every prospect and by doing this, marketing teams are able to filter out sales reps specific reports for further actions.

Connect Prospects to Ongoing Campaigns of their Interest

When you are commencing with your campaign, you don’t want to lose any opportunity to convert prospects to leads. Through Pardot's automation rules, you can seize every opportunity and make them count. Pardot can undoubtedly discover the crusades that the possibilities and leads are keen on dependent on their action. In the wake of finding that out, you can interface them to their separate crusades and pleasure them further.

Generate Leads Smartly with Pardot

Pardot's Smarter Lead Generation highlight gives you a ton of choices to keep keep your marketing funnel always filled to the top. How? Well, it keeps a steady flow of high-quality leads coming to the funnel through its various tools, such as landing pages, forms, email templates, social connectors, and search tools.

It's Landing Page Builder can be utilized even by beginners to create and deploy beautiful landing pages with customized content. Pardot landing page creation feature keeps your forms short and sweet, thus preventing bounce backs. Utilize the Organic and Paid search tools to comprehend your actual battle campaign ROI when you connect it to Google AdWords, research keywords performance, and track your revenue from each of your campaigns.

Pursue your hottest leads, literally

We understand the importance of focusing on prospects, who take the most actions. Pardot makes this possible through deployment of automation of scoring thresholds to filter the most promising leads based on their scores.

These automation rules will also ‘weed-out’ the non-promising ones by decaying their scores over time, based on actions taken or not taken; so that their overall score remain lower to the threshold scores required for lead qualification.

Adjust your Lead Nurturing Process to your Audience

You can utilize Pardot's Lead Nurturing feature to draw in interested leads by sending the right messages to the right prospects through the right channels. Here, you can create content, test it (use A/B testing and Multivariate testing to benchmark your best content), send it and report the outcomes, all in one place! With Pardot, you can list out your tasks and prioritize them, so that time-consuming ones are put on the auto-pilot; while you are left free to focus on the more important one.

Discovering the power of AI through Pardot Einstein

Pardot Einstein is another amazing functionality that enables your sales and marketing teams with the power of Artificial Intelligence to reach the right prospect at the right time. Pardot Einstein has three incredible highlights

● Lead Scoring,

● Behavior Scoring

● Campaign Insights.

Lead scoring empowers you to discover and concentrate on those leads that are bound to purchase from you. With behavior scoring, make sense of your leads' changing behaviors and direct your endeavors towards the individuals who are prepared to convert. Use campaign insights to see the audience types that are interfacing with you and accordingly optimize campaigns to bring in newer ones.

Track your prospects’ Engagement History

The distinguishing feature of Pardot and Salesforce campaigns is that you can easily assign the number of leads being created from each campaign. In this context, Engagement History helps you analyze the performance of your campaigns and its engagement levels. It also reveals the manner in which your prospects and customers are utilizing your marketing assets (email templates, files, forms, landing pages, and search tools). Due to the use of Pardot sync connectors, the flow of data between Salesforce and Pardot can be managed easily.

Complete alignment with Sales Team

Pardot's consistent alignment with Salesforce CRM ensures complete sync between your marketing and sales teams. This gives a 360 o visibility of conversions and ROI, with sales team able to get useful insights on the customer without disturbing the ongoing workflows. Customer activity tracking can now happen on Gmail, CRM or even on the phone.

Data-based ROI reporting

Pardot’s data-based ROI reporting makes it possible for you to analyze prospects’ lifecycles in your sales funnels, and conclude on which prospects need to be nurtured. You can even analyze the effectiveness of channels used and initiatives taken. Further, you can also use sales data for campaign planning, and simultaneously transfer qualified leads to sales for further action and engagement.

KVP - your partner for harnessing the power of Pardot

KVP, one of India’s leading partner helps customers across verticals to streamline their sales cycles and incorporate best practices for building a healthy pipeline of leads and opportunities.

Now through Pardot, we are taking a step further, to help you understand prospects’ behavior, buying triggers and patterns to close out your deals faster. Through a sound understanding of workflows within Pardot, that demonstrates itself through the inter-connectivity of your marketing assets, we can automate high-performing campaigns on the Build-Test-Send model, that few B2B marketers can match.

We are adept in configuring subtle automation rules, page actions, grading and scoring models that can often make the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great campaign. Come leverage the Power of Pardot in making that crucial difference to your sales pipeline.

Trust KVP to hand you the Pardot Advantage on a platter!

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