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KVP’s competency on Integration between Salesforce and third-party applications!

Connect all of your data for a unified view of your customer, no matter where it is. The Salesforce Platform is an ecosystem of connected applications. The pieces can operate independently or fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, with the goal of providing capabilities to personalize customer, partner, and employee experiences.

KVP has implemented various integration projects to various focused industry verticals. By integrating Salesforce, users can attain manual automation of data. Along with this, the errors that emerge during manual data complications will get reduced considerably.

In this blog post, we are going to highlight some specific Salesforce integration scenarios that customers often ask about-

  • Salesforce and ERP integration

  • Salesforce and Oracale integration

  • Salesforce and AWS integration


Salesforce and ERP integration

  • Salesforce has become one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and many companies wish to integrate Salesforce with their current ERP

  • Integrating CRM and ERP systems can provide tremendous value to your business, from end-to-end visibility to forecasting and revenue pull through, to the effectiveness of campaigns

  • Salesforce and ERP integration use case-

  1. We are fetching the primary sales data (data from ERP systems to Salesforce) to see the summary sales in the form of reports. primary sales vs. secondary sales

  2. Integrating Salesforce and SAP are enabling Customer 360 and improved alignment between forecasting and actual

Salesforce and Oracle integration

  • Salesforce and Oracle integration support on streamlining data look-up times, improving office efficiency & sales productivity

  • Salesforce and Oracle integration use case -

  1. To have a uniform view of data and thereby users have the visibility of the payment details for quote indents in Salesforce

  2. Integrate Salesforce with Oracle using MuleSoft to enable bi-directional data flow , thereby reducing manual efforts and improving speed and productivity within teams

Salesforce and AWS integration

  • Connecting Salesforce Enables Enterprises and AWS and to do more with the customer data

  • Salesforce and AWS integration use case -

  1. We are fetching the product data and the pricing from AWS in Salesforce to generate the proposal

  2. The objective of the project is to Integrating data from Qwikcilver to Salesforce using AWS. To support our client’s users to view gift card purchase information in Salesforce and also track and report redemptions in Salesforce

For successful integration, the businesses should connect with a reliable Salesforce Consultation Partner. For more information on integration book a free slot with our Salesforce integration experts.

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