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Experts by your side can help to increase Salesforce adoption by 52%

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Implementing Salesforce is the first step toward a transformation but its real value will be witnessed with Salesforce adoption. Adoption as a strategy should be embedded into the DNA of a product during the formative stages rather than being an afterthought.

Most Salesforce users have this doubt - "How do we customize Salesforce to increase adoption rates?"

After enabling hundreds of Salesforce users to turn business goals into actionable next steps. After helping enterprise brands and startups close opportunity gaps. We have an answer to that question in this blog post.


Let’s have a look at some points through which you can work on improving Salesforce adoption within your organization.

1. Identify and bridge opportunity gaps

  • Start by listing out all the problems and inconveniences that employees are facing with your CRM. Understand which features are most helpful and which of them are of the least help

  • Getting feedback on your CRM helps you identify the functionality gaps and find ways to bridge them. By using custom codes or extended features, add additional functionality that is more end-user-focused

2. Get Salesforce experts for your team

  • The foundation for your success will be built when you’ll have professionals who know how to work well with Salesforce. Salesforce consultant will support in implementation services

  • Salesforce consultant will align with your technical objectives and provide you with personalized roadmap guidance to make sure you adopt Salesforce smoothly

3. Establish training priorities

  • Employees cannot master every Salesforce feature right away. Start by arming all Salesforce users with basic knowledge, such as how to manage their individual accounts and navigate the Salesforce menu

  • Then, you can prioritize training based on what each team needs to perform their daily duties

4. Track your business performance

  • To achieve maximum ROI, you must go beyond counting actions and track the results of those actions

  • Instead of simply counting the number of calls made, take it a few steps further and look into the time spent on calls, the types of calls made, and which calls led to a closed deal

  • When you drill down into the details of every user and action, you can identify patterns and determine which behaviors lead to successes and which result in missed opportunities


How KVP can help maximize Salesforce adoption - KVP’S AES (Adoption and Enhancement Services engagement model).

Our goal is to help you customize your Salesforce CRM to suit your business and operational needs. Our experts deliver top-notch customization services to make sure the Salesforce instance is deployable from day one. We configure Salesforce, re-engineer existing workflows, develop custom Salesforce apps and resolve adoption bottlenecks.

We do believe in enhancing Salesforce adoption by focusing on people, processes, and effective usage. Let’s have a look at the AES support which we have implemented for our client.

  • To enhance and support our customer’s Salesforce application through effective training and support end-users to adapt to the system

  • To help users effectively manage their work by automating and transforming their business process for better and proactive customer service

  • Proactively measuring key metrics to improve quality and quantity of work by analyzing user adoption and identifying gaps proactively

  • KVP's AES model will support simplifying the system and make it more user friendly which would help the users to develop a decision-making system rather than a data depository system


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