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Getting the most out of your Salesforce CRM and artificial intelligence

As business leaders, you often need to take both operational and strategic decisions that often impact your organization in many ways. Some of your decisions can have massive implications for your organizations. Thus it is a good idea to resort to data-driven decision-making, to help improve the effectiveness and accuracy of your decision making process.

Data visualization tools, which is a graphical representation of your information and data, can help you leverage upon your business and operational data. It helps derive ‘actionable’ insights that are often crucial to making the right decisions.

Data visualization often needs an array of analytical tools for examining data sets (structured and unstructured) and to obtain useful insights based on conclusions.

Working illustration on data visualization (Case)

KVP Business Solutions, one of Salesforce's leading partners in India and located at Bangalore, implemented Einstein Sales Analytics for one of Europe’s largest dairy products manufacturers.

The company manufacturers and supplies dairy ingredients and has established SBUs (Strategic Business Units) to cater to its various customer segments.

The customer sells its product-lines in 5 regions viz. EMEA (Europe & Middle East), Greater China (China + South Korea + Japan), North America, Latin America and SEAP (South East Asia & Asia Pacific)

The customer wanted KVP to provide the right analytics implementation to bring out the below insights: -

1. Year-on-year Opportunities won & loss trend

2. Opportunities win rate = Total number of opportunities won

Total number of opportunities in pipeline

3. Current Average deal size = Total revenue from sale of products

Total number of orders

4. Opportunity stage cycle time = Average sales cycle time (baseline) -

New average sales cycle (new business)

The customer also wanted segmentation of this data by region, by year and by salesperson.

KVP deployed its Einstein Sales Analytics implementation based on collection of 4 years of available data (2 years of previous data + 2 years of estimated data through extension of data patterns).

Our implementation can throw-up enough & more insights to the customer, to guide their day-to-day review & decision-making mechanisms. It also allows them the option to deep-dive and conduct micro-analysis and macro-analysis as per the requirements of their review mechanism.

Few of the customized dashboards created by KVP is as below:

Figure Description: Interactive dashboard on year-on-year trends for Opportunities won – provision for automatic calculation of win rate (circled in green) and Average deal size (circled in red)

Figure Description: Dashboard to review opportunities stage cycle-times (time period for conversion from opportunity to sales

Figure Description: Interactive dashboard on year-on-year trends for Opportunities lost with deep-dive on reasons for loss – automatic calculation of Lost rate & Average Deal size lost

Conclusion and next steps:

In today’s competitive scenario, data & insights-driven decision making are the primary factors that ensure whether businesses can survive and succeed. The quality of insights is directly dependent on the quality of analytics tools that are used to analyse the data or volumes of data pertaining to your business operations.

AI-driven Data visualizations tools (enabled with predictive and prescriptive analytics) like Einstein Analytics ensure that you can get the insights that you are unable to get from manual or outdated mechanisms. Let KVP partner with you to improve the quality of your analytics through AI-driven analytics automation.


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