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Get more predictive about your business and customers!

Salesforce Einstein is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) created to accommodate customer success platforms. Salesforce is one of the earliest adopters of AI capabilities and technology and the largest customer relationship management (CRM) software vendor, owning 19.5% of the CRM vendor market.


Salesforce Einstein new updated features and enhancement

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant changes that took place in the Spring '22 release!

1. Teach your Bot to speak multiple languages (Beta)

When you enable your bot to speak multiple languages, you can reduce administrative time and deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple markets. Users can now add multiple secondary language translations for each dialog to the same bot.

What’s great is that you will also get individual scoring for each language intent model, which can be used to train and improve the chat experience for all customers.

2. Predict Outcomes for Multiple Categories with Multiclass

Currently Einstein Discovery supports numeric and binary classification models. Now with the introduction of multiclass model you can predict outcome of up to 10 classes. Although maximizing and minimizing the outcome is not supported for the multiclass models they can still be very useful where you need to predict the classifications.

For example, The model can help predict which product package a customer is more likely to purchase.

3. Gather insights directly from Snowflake Schema

Currently to create a discovery story you need to connect to Snowflake, design a dataflow to ingest the data and then create a dataset as base for the story creation. With the new live connection to Snowflake, you will be able access the data directly from Snowflake and create insight stories faster without the need to replicate the Snowflake data as a dataset in data manager.

4. Einstein Search

All features of Einstein Search are now on by default at no extra cost. Users gain a smarter search without giving up search features that they rely on. Top tip from Salesforce, if you enable social accounts, contacts and leads for Twitter, your users can also see profile images or you can enable account logos to replace logos that come from their social profile.


What the future looks Like for Salesforce Einstein

  • Voice integration with Salesforce AI is a frontier he is looking to explore. Voice integration with Service cloud allows for real-time voice transcription

  • Preventing or deleting duplicate records in Salesforce is great for keeping your Salesforce org clean. Salesforce AI is making the process more efficient by using a new method to deduplicate Salesforce records.

  • Using anonymized data from medical care providers, Salesforce is working to develop and train predictive health care models. The goal for this project is to eventually be able to personalize therapies and provide precision medicine depending on each patient’s unique case.


KVP's expertise in Einstein Analytics

Make better, faster decisions on a complete, AI-driven analytics platform. KVP has implemented around 25+ Einstein project so far for various focused industry with following Einstein solutions -

  • Dynamic deal scoring process

  • Dynamic deal price optimization

  • Churn Prediction Insights

  • Delinquency Prediction

  • Opportunity Mapping

  • Risk categorization prediction based on AML


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