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Updated: Apr 5


Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) comes packed with functionality to help you elevate the customer experience. When you leverage Field Service Lightning (FSL) to automate your onsite workforce, you organize your processes. You allow dispatch to make a more informed decision based on the most updated information to promote better overall efficacy throughout your business.

According to a recent survey from Salesforce on post-implementation of the FSL process-

  • There is an increment of customer satisfaction by 32%

  • There is an increment of customer retention by 45%

  • There is an upward trend in agent productivity by 47%


Moving forward in this blog post, we will explore how KVP has enhanced and supported the Salesforce application to help the users effectively use the Salesforce FSL by proactively measuring key improvement metrics.

About our customer

Our customer is a leading manufacturer of capital machinery in the areas of plastics processing, wind mill blade manufacturing, semi-conductor manufacturing and construction re-enforcement products across the South Asian region. Being actively involved in the Indian manufacturing sector for over three decades.

Our project goal

To support and strengthen our client’s Salesforce (FSL) system by supporting users effectively using the application by reviewing system adoption, frequent training to user and leadership, share best practices and enhance the application with latest upgrades and features In-addition, adding new features based on business needs.


We do believe in enhancing Salesforce adoption by focusing on people, processes, and effective usage.

  1. Enhancing and supporting our customer’s Salesforce application through effective training and support end-users to adapt to the system.

  2. Supporting our users to effectively manage their work by automating and transforming their business process for better and proactive customer service.

  3. Proactively measuring key metrics to improve quality and quantity of work by analyzing user adoption and to identify gaps proactively.


Customer benefit

We are going to highlight some key customer benefits to streamline our client's business processes.

  1. Our FSL management serves to connect customers, dispatchers, and service technicians through a unified digital environment.

  2. In Salesforce Field Service Lightning, all the data of customers such as their contact information, related accounts, and support cases are kept in one place.

  3. We had developed a solution to analyze the Salesforce Org of our client which will generate a report based on the best-practices and any trouble areas that may need to get address.

  4. We have implemented Salesforce Schema Builder tool for deploying changes to our client's Org in real-time, and gives the users a baseline for understanding how objects and fields are connected on the platform. Its visual interface and drag-and-drop feature makes for easy use and allows for a more interactive experience when adding customizations.

  5. Streamlining the code writing and review processes allows our client to enhance their offerings and better address evolving issues.


We love to talk about more use cases on manufacturing solutions. Book a free consultation and let's transform your business!

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