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Drive channel sales and partner productivity with the Salesforce Partner Portal!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Every year, the emergence of trends is the result of growing user needs. In this article, we will expand a little more on the new updated features for Salesforce Partner Portal for the year 2022 and beyond.

As a business, especially those within the B2B niche, it’s essential to facilitate and build lasting relationships with other businesses. The one thing you’ll need to accomplish this? The answer is "Communication".

There are a number of communication platforms that aim to bridge the gap between inter-business relations and communications. Unfortunately, these one-size-fits-all solutions typically come up short — your business is unique, and you need a solution that supports that. That’s where Salesforce Partner Communities come in.


Features You Must Have in a Salesforce Partner Portal!

1. Database Management

This is one of the important features you must have in your partner portal. This feature will help you get more leads in the database. Once you have leads and their details, this feature will integrate them with a workflow.

2. Role-based Access

With this feature, you can secure sensitive data by enabling limited access. You can restrict people from opening the data or changing it. If you want some partners to view the data and not make changes, you can restrict them from editing it with this feature. All documents will be safe and secure.

3. Asset Repository

This feature is a magic wand for you if you wish to access asset repositories without hassle from a partner portal. It will enable you to store the marketing and sales materials.

4. Purchase & Invoicing

With this feature, you can enable, edit, and manage discounts exceptionally for partners. It even generates POs, invoices, etc. This will save the records to see insights whenever you want.

Final thoughts:

The Salesforce partner portal has a bundle of benefits that can benefit your partners and nourish communication. You can have your portal customized in the way you want, with features you want, to get the desired benefits. Here, there is also scope for complete customization. You can contact our Partner community experts to provide excellent Salesforce partner portal consultation service and customization.


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