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Master your inbox and CRM in one place through Salesforce and Gmail integration

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Google offers a variety of tools, such as Google Advertising, Google Cloud, G Suite, Gmail, etc. all of which are useful for modernizing businesses. The good news is that you can combine these solutions with Salesforce CRM and have a fantastic Salesforce experience!

Gmail has become one of the most popular email platforms globally and now you can integrate your favorite online email service with the Customer Relationship Management platform, Salesforce.

This Gmail and Salesforce integration is available for any kind of business or industry that requires a more personalized experience and wants to use all the features of this incredible Salesforce integration. With this integration, you can view your salesforce data right inside your Gmail account! Not only does this allow you to easily view your sales data, but it also allows you to interact with that data right from your Gmail account. For example, if you receive an email about a potential customer, you can easily add that customer to salesforce right from your Gmail account!

In this blog post, we are going to highlight the steps to integrate Gmail with your Salesforce account.


Step1: Logging into your Salesforce Account

The first step in Salesforce Gmail Integration is to log in to your Salesforce Lightning Account and then navigate to the Setup Icon.

Step 2: Configuring Salesforce Gmail Integration

The next step in Salesforce Gmail Integration is to navigate to the Setup section, you will find the Quick Find Box in the upper left corner. Click on the Quick Find Box and then type Lightning for Gmail and press the Enter key. Now, the Lightning for Gmail and Sync option will appear in the search box, select this option

Depending on your needs, you may now configure simply one or both products from the “Lightning for Gmail and Sync” options.

Step 3: Log in through your Gmail account for customization

You should now see Log in to Salesforce in your Gmail account as shown below. After clicking on this, a login window will open where you can enter your Salesforce credentials

Step 4: Add your prospects in your email thread to Salesforce

Now users can add their group of prospective clients in the thread to Salesforce. Below, you can see that the extension picks up the contact and their accounts.

Final thoughts.

This detailed guide provided insights on Salesforce Gmail Integration. Due to the restrictions of the Salesforce Gmail Integration, manually syncing data is time-consuming. Users/business teams should have a Salesforce account and authorize appropriate permissions to set up Salesforce Gmail Integration for such procedures. This is where KVP

saves the day


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