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Today hi-tech businesses need to be agile and collaborative with team internally and with customer and partners externally. Understanding customer needs and operational preparedness from talent availability and competency / skill planning is critical for growth.

Our solution library for hi-tech industry covers process which helps our customers to align sales pipeline visibility to resource projection and current availability for better customer service. We also have features around project profitability, invoicing and account receivables for better finance planning. Please find highlights of our solution features below.

Marketing Management

Monitor all your marketing campaigns effortlessly. Increase your web presence. Improvise social listening. Respond to your customers from various social media platforms through single window. Conduct email campaigns

Lead Management

Prospect identification through social and website channels, need identification and crystallisation along with preliminary economic buyer details and product or service mapping for business inception and visibility

Opportunity Management

System automated opportunity assignment to business development teams with system driven work allocation package frameworks and tracking


Service level agreements and escalation matrix with custom frameworks for better tracking and collaboration within customer focus teams along with system initiated notifications

Dynamic workflows to support extensive opportunity stages with logic controllers in sales path driving opportunity allocations, scope of work closures, opportunity viability and risks assessments, package and service allocation, cost formulation and hierarchical multiple stage-wise approval processes


Quote Management

Dynamic resource allocation forecasting based on projects , demographics, products and length of contract to enhance resource visibility and road map

In-built real time Quote generation with flexible BOQ  line items supporting multiple offerings within a single quote

Click-of a button quote document rendering from salesforce with adaptable theme based designs

Account Plan

Create account plans for the sales cycle that have long gestation periods. Track progress against the plan. Effectively cross sell and up sell within your customer organisation

Resource Forecasting

Estimate resource requirements based on the stage pipeline. Collaborate with the operations team. Provide accurate forecast of FTE's required with the mix of skillsets 

Project Management

Manage end to end project cycle. Review milestones and assocaited activities. Track project expenses. Analyse project risks, issues and quality

Content Management

Create content libraries. Add content contributors. Provide ammunition to your sales team for their presentations. Deliver content and track its performance. Let your users subscribe for the contents they are interested in

Contract management

Legal sales contract management along with techno-commercial in-built proposals supported by flexible key terms and conditions. Contract review and approval frameworks, along with automated contract renewals for sales continuity, speed and flexibility

Billing & Milestone Management

Automated creation of milestones as per the billing schedule data. Multiple approvals on changing amount on milestones

Track employee time across different projects. Mark them billable / non-billable to customer. Generate invoices based on the employee time sheets. Manage accounts receivables

Case Study : Engineering Service

Strategic account management a growth enabler for an engineering services company